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    Pink Panther de Jeff Koons
    (Versailles, salon de la Paix)
    Pink Panther de Jeff Koons (Versailles, salon de la Paix)

    Where did the The Pink Panther come from? The animated and colorful panther was created by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises as part of the the opening and closing credit sequences of the film "The Pink Panther." This 1963 American comedy film was directed by Blake Edwards and co-written by Edwards and Maurice Richlin, and starred David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner, Capucine, and Claudia Cardinale. A break out film for Peter Sellers who played the part of an inept yet persistent French detective named Inspector Clouseau.

    In the plot of the film, the Pink Panther is a large and valuable pink diamond which is stolen from a museum. Inspector Clouseau is tasked with finding the jewel thief and returning the diamond. The Pink Panther diamond has a distinctive flaw which resembles a leaping panther. In the post-credits scene, the animated Pink Panther is shown stealing the Pink Panther jewel.

    The charm of the cartoon character leads to it appearing (in the title and credit sequences) in every other Panther film in the series except for "A Shot in the Dark" and "Inspector Clouseau."

    A delightfully humorous character on its own, the animated big cat soon got his own series of cartoons at the movies and in a TV show - The Pink Panther Show (see example of one cartoon in video below). Due to the muteness of the feline character, the cartoons rely heavily on visual humor. While clearly finely scripted, there seems to be an impromptu quality to the animation of the cartoons - as if the animation is protesting against rigid forms. Pink Panther cartoons are one of the best examples of the wonderful art of cartooning. And even though its has been years since a new cartoon has been made, I believe that Pink Panther cartoons are still cool and contemporary today.

    The musical theme related to The Pink Panther was written by master composer Henry Mancini. Its melody is jaunty and jazzy just like the cartoons.

    The lovable Pink Panther is an international icon as well. Pink Panther Cartoons appear in Urdu And Hindi. And in the Taiwanese series "Hi My Sweetheart" (2009), the Pink Panther has an essential place in the series's ambiance, it pops up at various times in the form of plushes or several other items.

    As visual cartoon art, the Pink Panther, the animated Inspector Clouseau and related characters are why collecting cels is so rewarding a pursuit.

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Books About Pink Panther

    Buy this TITLE: Pink Panther: The Ultimate Guide to the Coolest Cat in Town!

    Celebrates a forty-year history of the Pink Panther character, from the original Pink Panther movie starring Peter Sellers and the long-running animated series to the latest movie starring Steve Martin, Beyonce Knowles, and Kevin Kline.



    Buy this TITLE: The Pink Panther Cocktail Party: Pink-a-licious Drinks to Seduce and Entertain

    Give a Pink Panther Cocktail Party and celebrate 40 years with the coolest of cats. His companions, Inspector Clouseau and Dreyfus, the Phantom, Colonel Sharkey and Simone, are ready to share 85 pink-a-licious drinks with you and your friends. Ice your glass, mon petit chou, and let the party begin!


    Buy this TITLE: The Pink Panther's Just Desserts

    With an unknown killer stalking France's finest pastry chefs, the bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau and his dedicated assistant Ponton are assigned the case, discovering that all of the victims had been preparing to compete in the world's most prestigious pastry competition in Las Vegas, and head off to Sin City to find the murderer. Original.

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Walter Zettl's classical training methods preserved for future generations

Horsetalk - 6 hours ago
Dressage Master Walter Zettl pictured with Premier Equestrian president Heidi Zorn riding Pink Panther. “Walter became my new mentor from that moment on. I was able to convince him and his wife...

No, the “Pink Panther Bandit” is not stealing packages from homes in Mobile

WKRG - 3 weeks ago
No, the “Pink Panther Bandit” is not stealing packages from homes in Mobile. J.B. BIUNNO By J.B. Biunno Published: November 17, 2017, 2:29 pm Updated: November 17, 2017, 2:36 pm. Click to share...

Silicon Valley Tech Firms Hiring Models For Holiday Parties

WTVA - 10 hours ago
Olya Ishchukova is the CEO for a company called Models In Tech. Her models help tech companies at trade shows to promote their products. She told KPIX 5 she has turned down jobs for her models when...

Paul is 'feline' great after a day as the Pink Panther

Bridlington Free Press - 2 weeks ago
The Pink Panther theme tune said he was 'the one and only, truly original' and the same could be said of Bridlington fund-raiser Paul Robinson. He dressed up as the colourful feline favourite...

The Pink Panther Show

Blu-rays and DVDs in 2018 for 'The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection, Volume 1: 1964-1966 - 3 weeks ago
Finding immediate fame in the opening title sequence of Blake Edwards 1964 classic comedy The Pink Panther, the feline embodiment of the Swinging Sixties cool quickly become the star of his own...

French rock star Johnny Hallyday dies at 74 - 4 days ago
Like Elvis Presley, he would eventually transition into acting, appearing in Détective, The Man on the Train, and Pink Panther 2. Music legends such as Celine Dion, Lenny Kravitz, and Richie Sambora...

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